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Poetic Theater Productions is an NYC theater company working with poets and playwrights to create visceral, poetic theater.


What veterans are writing about GOLIATH

'Honor the Sacrifice'
A letter to the editor by Vietnam veteran Everett Cox In the Warwick Advertiser 
November 6, 2012

A War, Literature & the Arts Journal blog post by retired Air Force Pilot and professor of War & Literature at the Air Force Academy James A. Moad II
September 15, 2012


What the Critics say about GOLIATH...

"On Saturday night, I witnessed one of the rare gifts that theatre bestows upon us from time to time—a powerful and passionately produced piece, raising important questions about the world we live in today. That piece is GOLIATH, produced by Poetic Theater Productions."
“This is truly a talented ensemble cast”
“relentlessly written by Takeo Rivera”
“[Goliath] packs a powerful punch”
--, June 9, 2011 
“As beautifully rendered by Rivera, Mallory, and an excellent cast, there is nothing here that is anything less than fresh, honestly emotional, heartbreaking, and true.”
"Rivera's rich, robust language says more in five minutes than many plays manage in fifty."
“M. Scott Frank, as David, gives a vivid, subtle, brilliant performance as good as any I've seen in years.”
-- Show Showdown, June 19, 2011 
"An inventive and important work of poetic theatre that's smartly contrived and incredibly affecting."
-- Theatre is Easy, Jan 6, 2011 
"Poetic Theater Productions' 'Goliath' Shows Soul-Destroying Effects of War"
-- StageBuzz, Jan 11, 2011 
What others are writing about GOLIATH...
“A magical, transcending, powerful experience...” 
"Sunday was a theatrical experience; one I am not likely to forget anytime soon."
"All I keep thinking is ‘I wish I could bring my family to see this.'"
I highly recommend the American Veteran Affairs Department to consider producing GOLIATH within rehabilitation centers throughout the nation.
Interviews about GOLIATH
Other News
May 30, 2011 - Goliath is a New York Times Community Affairs "Pick of the Week"!
May 29, 2011 - says "GO see Goliath!" (The Week Ahead - Memorial Day Edition)